Human Artificial Chromosomes

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Tue Apr 15 09:52:57 EST 1997

The front page of our newspaper carried a story, April 1, from the 
Washington Post, "Latest from labs: artificial chromosomes."  As usual, 
there was no mention of what exactly was done by Huntington F. Willard's 
group at Case Western in Cleveland.  Apparently the work is published in 
the ?April Nature Genetics, but it hasn't made it into Current Contents, 
let alone the library, quite yet.

Does anyone know what their tactic was?  Have they deleted large sections 
to leave a presumed functional centromere?  Are there defined replication 
origins, or are they relying on uncharacterized native origins, or 
engineered viral origins (as in Sun et al.'s Human Artificial Episomal 
Chromosomes, Nature Genet 8:33-41)?  What is the size of the construct?

Thanks for any info anyone might have; the complete citation would also be 

Torsten Nielsen, Ph.D.
McGill MD/PhD Program
McGill Cancer Centre
Montreal Quebec Canada

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