polyploid ? (or how to determine ploidy)

Graham Dellaire dellaire at odyssee.net
Wed Apr 30 08:02:17 EST 1997

Hello Rune,

I noticed no one has answered you yet, so I will venture that what you
need to do is contact any hospital medical genetics or university
medical genetics dept. and ask about cytogenetics.  There should be many
people skilled in doing the basic karyotyping.  A good book for
cytogenetic protocols is "Human Chromsomes, Prinicples and Techniques"
Verma and Babu 2nd ed. (1995)McGraw Hill, New York.

Basically you need to do a karyotype and you count 50 mitosis (count the
number of chromosomes) then you do a plot of the counts.  If you have
normal ploidy you will get on single multiple of the known karyotype
number for whatever organism you look at (ex. 40 mouse or 46 chms.in
man).  If you get multiples of this number they are polyploid.  If you
get many different numbers over a range your cells are "modal" and if
you get one less or more for the average of 50 you have an aneuploid
cell line.

Hope this helps

Graham Dellaire
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