chromosome painting probes

Fri Feb 21 08:41:00 EST 1997

> Dear all,
> I am looking for commercial suppliers of chromosome specific probes that
> be used for chromosome painting in interphase nuclei. I have information 
> from Cambio (Cambrigde, UK), but there must be more companies on the
> market.
> Thanks in advance for any information you may have on this topic.
> Roel van Driel
>Roel van Driel
>E.C. Slater Instituut
>University of Amsterdam
>Plantage Muidergracht 12
>1018 TV  Amsterdam
>The Netherlands
> fax: +31.20.525.5124
> phone: +31.20.525.5150
> e-mail: van.driel at
 In the departement, we also use probes from Vysis and Oncor. 
 In Holland, you can order products from them via SYNBIO (tel: 0413-
 251115).  Actually, when I asked around, I have been said that probes 
 form these companies are of high quality...    
 I hope this can help. 
 Eric Milot
 Discussion Leader
 phone: 31.10.408.7164
 e-mail: milot at  

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