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 From: Graham Dellaire <dellaire at odyssee.net
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 Subject: WELCOME to GenStructure!!
 Date: Sunday, January 19, 1997 2:03 PM
 Fellow Colleagues Welcome to the GenStructure News Group!
 If you have not followed the birth of our news group over the past few
 months I would like to invite you to browse the companion web page called
 the GenStructure FAQ
 at  HTTP://www.medcor.mcgill.ca/EXPMED/GENSTRUCTURE/genstructure.html
 from there you can read the charter of the group and learn the in's and
 out's of participating in a bionet news group. As well, many useful links
 are provided to other pages focusing on aspect of gene structure and
 function.  Lastly, lists of suggested references are also provided to aid
 the novice in understanding this vast field.  
 The purpose of the news group as paraphrased from our charter is to:
 " ... provide a proper forum for the discussion of issues pertaining and
 involving genome and/or chromatin structure and function (see _Topics of
 Topics Include: "...Genome/chromatin accessibility and recombination,
 3D-organization of the nucleus, Superhelicity and DNA topology/structure
 [as it pertains for biological activity of genes], Histones and
 and chromatin structure/function, Techniques for genome/chromatin
 Just to name a few (again please see our charter for the full rang of
 For those of you who have followed us from the beginning, I would just
 to say
 "WE DID IT!".
 Support was overwhelming and I have compiled a list of almost a 100 e-mail
 addresses supporting the creation of this news group.  
 I hope that over the coming months our group will flourish with ideas and
 intelligent debate.  Perhaps from time to time dogma and paradigms may
 be challenged.  
 Most of all I believe that this news group represents a coming of age of
 genome science.
 Genome/Chromatin structure and function studies have gone from the fringe
 of science, occupying a curious niche between stalwart biochemistry,
 clinical cytogenetics and the newer molecular biology, to the forefront of
 our understanding of gene function and the inner workings of the nucleus.
 As has been oft said "the Devil is in the details!", and to truely
 understand how one controls gene expression and function you need to find
 the "details".
 Best of Luck to all and let the debates begin!
 Graham Dellaire
 Moderator and Primary Discussion Leader

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