Differential Behaviour of DNA upon Untwisting (Article and link)

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Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
Vol. 94, pp. 403-406, January 1997
Ivan Brukner, Abdellah Belmaaza, and Pierre Chartrand* 
Institut du Cancer de Montreal, Centre de Recherche Louis-Charles Simard,
1560, rue
Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, PQ Canada H2L 4M1
Communicated by Richard E. Dickerson, University of California, Los
Angeles, CA,
November 25, 1996 (received for review April 30, 1996) 
We have synthesized DNA segments with different handedness, twisting and
radii of curvature, and have analyzed the effect of untwisting on them. The
indicate that the dynamic behavior of curved DNA upon untwisting is
strongly determined by the initial sequence-dependent DNA trajectory. In
DNA with the same radii but with opposite handedness of superhelix twisting
show very different conformational responses to ethidium bromide
Upon treatment with ethidium bromide, right-handed superhelixes decrease
twist and increase the planarity of the superhelix, while left-handed
superhelixes increase twisting and decrease their degree of planarity. 

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