HOT PAPERS for JUNE and JULY (J. Bone and G. Dellaire)

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Wed Jul 2 08:05:06 EST 1997

The following is a list of HOT PAPERS for JUNE and JULY which in part was
compiled by Jim Bone at the Chromatin Structure and Function Web Page

I have added a few of my own...  if anyone else sees some interesting
papers or wishes to publish an advance abstract of a paper in press please
do so!


Reactivation of silenced, virally transduced genes by inhibitors of histone
deacetylase, Chen WY et. al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 94(11), 5798-5803

Changes in histone synthesis and modification at the beginning of mouse
development correlate with the establishment of
     chromatin mediated repression of transcription,Wiekowski M,  et al.   
     J Cell Sci 110( Pt 10), 1147-1158 (1997) 

BRCA1 is localized in cytoplasmic tube-like invaginations in the nucleus
Coene, E et al. (Correspondence) Nature Genetics Vol 16. pp122-124 (1997)

Interphase nuclei of many mammalian cell types contain deep, dynamic,
tubular membrane-bound invaginations of the
     nuclear envelope. Fricker, M et al. 
     J Cell Biol 136(3), 531-544 (1997) 

The transcriptional basis of chromosome pairing 
 P.R. Cook, J Cell Sci 110( Pt 9), 1033-1040 (1997) 

RING1 Is Associated with the Polycomb Group Protein Complex
  and Acts as a Transcriptional Repressor.
  Satijn et al, MCB 17: 4105-4113.

       Localization and Posttranslational Modifications of Otefin, a
 Required for Vesicle Attachment to Chromatin, during Drosophila
  melanogaster Development.
     Ashery-Padan et al, MCB 17: 4114-4123.

       Topoisomerase Function during Replication-Independent Chromatin
   Assembly in Yeast Garinther et al, MCB 17: 3520-3526.

       Co-localization of Polycomb protein and GAGA factor in regulatory
    elements responsible for the maintenance of homeotic gene
       Strutt et al, EMBO J 16:3621-3632.

 Determinants of chromatin disruption and transcriptional regulation
   instigated by the thyroid hormone receptor: hormone-regulated
 chromatin disruption is not sufficient for transcriptional activation.
      Wong et al, EMBO J. 16:3158-3171.

 Mammalian homologues of the Polycomb-group gene Enhancer of
 zeste mediate gene silencing in Drosophila heterochromatin and at
   S. cerevisiae telomeres
      Laible et al, EMBO J 16: 3219-3232.

  Localization of Sir2p: the nucleolus as a compartment for silent
    information regulators.
       Gotta et al, EMBO J 16: 3243-3255

 5-Azadeoxycytidine-induced Chromatin Remodeling of the Inactive
   X-linked HPRT Gene Promoter Occurs prior to Transcription
  Factor Binding and Gene Reactivation.
    Litt et al, J. Biol. Chem. 272:14921-14926.

 Domain-specific Interactions of Human HP1-type Chromodomain
  Proteins and Inner Nuclear Membrane Protein LBR.
    Ye aet al, J. Biol. Chem. 272:14983-14989.

 ORC-dependent and origin-specific initiation of DNA replication at
     defined foci in isolated yeast nuclei.
      Pasero et al, Genes Dev 11:1504-1518.

Reactivation of silenced, virally transduced genes by inhibitors of
histone deacetylase.
Chen et al, PNAS 1997 94: 5798-5803.

Deletion of the H19 transcription unit reveals the existence of a
putative imprinting control element.
Ripoche et al, Genes Dev 11:1596-1604.

 Differential Activity of Progesterone and Glucocorticoid Receptors
on Mouse Mammary Tumor Virus Templates Differing in
Chromatin Structure.
 Smith et al, J. Biol. Chem. 272: 14227-14235.

SWI/SNF Stimulates the Formation of Disparate
Activator-Nucleosome Complexes but Is Partially Redundant with
Cooperative Binding.
Utley et al, J. biol Chem.272: 12642-12649.

 Structure of the chromatin binding (chromo) domain from mouse
modifier protein 1.
Ball et al, EMBO J. 16:2473 - 2481

 Histone octamer function in vivo: mutations in the dimer-tetramer
 interfaces disrupt both gene activation and repression.
Santisteban et al, EMBO J. 16:2482-2495.

 A Complex Composed of Tup1 and Ssn6 Represses Transcription
in Vitro
 Redd et al, J. Biol. Chem. 272:11193-11197.

An Atypical Homeodomain in SATB1 Promotes Specific
 Recognition of the Key Structural Element in a Matrix Attachment
 Dickinson et al, J. Biol. Chem. 272:11463-11470.

 Chromatin Remodeling by Transcriptional Activation Domains in a
Yeast Episome.
 Stafford and Morse, J. Biol. Chem. 272:11526-11534.

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