classic genetics question (Gustavo A. Seluja)

Ralph Gainey sesame at
Thu Jul 3 17:36:32 EST 1997

G. Seluja asks:

"Who is more genetically similar: 2 brothers or father and son?  
Here, I'm thinking of nuclear material, and not mitochondrial genome."

You'll get a lot of replies on this one ... and many will put you up
for an award ... for imprecision  ...

Same mother for the brothers?

Identical twins?  

Your definition of "genetically similar"? Comparison of bp's chromosome
by chromosome? DNA strand by DNA strand? Any consideration of phenotype?

Isn't there significant sorting and rearrangement of both paternal
and maternal genome in the normal process of producing both oocyte
and sperm?  

Surely this can be narrowed down considerably ...


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