"gene within a gene" ex. in Higher Euk ?

Graham Dellaire dellaire at odyssee.net
Thu Jul 10 19:16:14 EST 1997

Hello Jeff

An example of a gene within a gene in mammals would be the rag1 and rag2
genes which are convergently transcribed along the same stretch of DNA.

I tried to find a paper on the their gene structure but I am sure any
review will describe this.

for example:
Trends Genet 8 (12): 413-416 (Dec 1992) 
Activation of V(D)J recombination by RAG1 and RAG2.
Oettinger MA


Graham Dellaire
Moderator GenStructure

Previously you wrote:
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Subject: "gene within a gene" ex. in Higher Euk ?
Date: Thursday, July 10, 1997 5:47 PM

Hi all,

Can anyone supply an example (with reference if possible) of a
"gene within a gene" structure (either strand) in the genome of
a higher eukaryote?

No one I've spoken to can supply an example, but everyone
(including me) is pretty sure they've seen examples.



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