"Genes within Genes"

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Dear Jeff,

	An example of "genes within genes" in a higher
eukaryote is the human gonadotropin-releasing hormone gene.
See Adelman et al., (1987) Science 235:1514-1517.

	There is also the pupal cuticle gene of drosophila.
See Henikoff et al., (1986) Cell 44:33-42.

	The genomic regions for the genes listed above
encode bidirectional transcripts, and protein synthesis from the
transcripts in both directions has been demonstrated.  There
are also examples of other genomic loci that produce
bidirectional transcripts; however, the proteins from both
transcripts have not been reported (or not in 1989 when I
performed the search on this subject).  These are:

1. the murine c-myc gene
See Kindy et al., (1987) Mol. Cell. Biol. 7:2857-2862.

2. the rat insulin II gene
See Efrat and Hanahan, (1987) Mol. Cell. Biol. 7:192-198.

Nancy Smyth Templeton, Ph.D.

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