Collaboration in new project ?

Leonid A. Sadofiev leosad at
Sat Mar 1 23:33:38 EST 1997

Dear Netters,

We are looking for collaboration in our new research project.
The aim of collaboration is the grant proposal, because
there are some grants for Russian-Western collaboration especially.
This project is connected with comparing influence of some
noncanonic DNA structures, such and palindroms one one side
and nuclear matrix-DNA interactions on the other on recombination
and gene transcription. For this purpose we use the bone cells
differentiation model. As a model DNA we use the promotor region
of osteopontin gene. Recently we have found that there are some
proteins in nuclear matrix, binding specifically to this promotor
(data are preparing to publication).

If you are interested in such collaboration more detailed information
about project is availible.
Please reply to leosad at
Sincerely Yours,
Tamara V. Smirnova (St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear physics)
Leonid A. Sadofiev (Institute of Cytology RAS)

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