New on ExpMed Job Listings (Post Doc: fluorescence polarization

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New on ExpMed Job Listings (Post Doc: fluorescence polarization assays
(FPA) for the diagnosis of Infectious Disease

Min Lin, Ph.D. 

Animal Diseases Research Institute 


Nepean, Ontario, Canada 

Project description: 

A post-doctoral position is available immediately to carry out research
that leads to development of homogeneous
fluorescence polarization assays (FPA) for the diagnosis of infectious
diseases. The studies may include identification and
characterization of the immunodominant protein/carbohydrate antigens from
pathogenic bacteria, molecular cloning, protein
expression/purification, epitope mapping, chemical modification of
proteins, structure/function analysis of proteins, and
assessment of the immune response to antigens. 

Recent publications:

(1)Lin, M., and K. Nielsen. 1997. Binding of the Brucella abortus
lipopolysaccharide O-chain fragment to a monoclonal
antibody. J. Biol. Chem. 272:2821-2827. 

(2) Lin, M., E. A. Sugden, et al. 1996. Modification of the Mycobacterium
bovis extracellular protein MPB70 with fluorescein
for rapid detection of specific serum antibodies by fluorescence
polarization. Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 3:438-443. 


     1 Post Doctoral position 


     Applicants should possess a recent Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry,
Microbiology or related field with experience in
     protein and molecular biology. 

To Apply:

See Positions/Ontario

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