NEW ON EMJL JOB LISTINGS (3 Career Scientist Positions!!!, Ottawa,

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Thu May 15 20:22:03 EST 1997

New on the EMJL Job Listings


Three vacant positions at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Center

   1.A molecular geneticist (perhaps working in simple eukaryotes (i.e.
yeast)) interested in functions such as DNA repair,
     recombination, chromatin structure, apoptosis, etc. 

   2.A cellular or animal physiologist interested in how cells, tissues
or organs respond to insults such as those induced by
     radiation, and 

   3.A radiation oncologist with training in research interested in
translating research findings from simple systems into clinical

These positions that are available are those of Career Scientists or
Clinical Scientists of the Ontario Cancer Treatment and
Research Foundation. These are permanent research poisions within the
Ottawa Regional Cancer Center and involve affiliation
within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa.

We have abundant laboratory space available for this expanded group
along with start-up funding. 

To find out more about how to apply to this job and others on EMJL
please see the EMJL Home Page at:

(for this job look under Positions/Canada/Ontario)

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