Bromodomain alignment finally updated

Francois JEANMOUGIN pingouin at
Thu May 29 11:09:28 EST 1997

	Hi all,
	 I finally found time to update the alignment of all the
bromodomains I was able to highlight in protein databases. In the
web page, only the msf file is updated. The bromodomain alignement 
now contains 45 proteins and 64 domains. As for the paper, the Z helix
alignement was driven by secondary structure predictions. I have to check
for CEZK783_4 which seems to be quite divergent. The Z helix is not well
predicted for this protein. The new proteins are in upper case and
are in TrEmbl IDs (except for proteins bearing two domains, I have to
work around this problem...).
	An automated alignment slighly diverge in the Z-helix part,
trying to find hydrophobic repeats. I don't know which one of the
two alignments is "biologically correct". You can easily realign this
region using ClustalX (self advertising ;-).

	The alignement is at:
	And ClustalX at:

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