Influence of WWW on molecular genetics (C. Huggins)

Ralph Gainey sesame at
Mon Oct 20 15:04:29 EST 1997

Christopher Huggins wrote: It would seem to me that many researchers 
>would be weary of exchanging their ideas freely over the internet for 
>fear of losing "credit".  

To which I would a couple of other points ...

[1] There is some fear that candidates shopping for a dissertation topic 
will pursue the idea with vigor.

[2] Anyone currently working on a idea would be put on notice of what the
competition is doing.

[3] The internet is not a recognized, nor a referred site for publication,
therefore what is put there is generally considered "selling on's birthright
for a mess of pottage," and those who do so are often quietly deemed foolish
in some quarters.

[4] To which I can only respond by pointing out that the value of the 
internet as a splendid medium for instantaneous communication, stimulating
new ideas, encouragement, and information exchange, not to mention
loss of many worthwhile friendships is lost, as its potential for
magnifying our efforts at cooperation are largely moot. Damn shame.

Best regards,
Ralph Gainey

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