Influence of WWW on molecular genetics (C. Huggins)

G.Dellaire dellaire at
Mon Oct 20 14:21:02 EST 1997

Christopher Huggins wrote:
Dear Graham,
         The opening statement, which you refer to in your reply, is indeed a
 utopian ideal and as you state, the reality "is somewhere in between".
 I was wondering if you have seen a concerted effort by the international
 community within the molecular genetic (biology) field in attempting to
 establish a true platform for exchange of ideas?  It would seem to me
 that many researchers would be weary of exchanging their ideas freely
 over the internet for fear of losing "credit".  This does go against the
 point of view that the real credit is to the advancement of science and
 the further enhancement of ideas, techniques, etc regardless of who
 develops them.  However, the reality is that there is a great deal of
 pressure to publish papers these days and with university budjets
 becoming smaller, can we afford to exchange ideas freely?  Perhaps I am
 wrong in assuming that credit on the internet is a hazy area.  Maybe
 making ones ideas available to a great deal more people on the internet
 rather than paper would allow just as much credit.?
 Christopher Huggins

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