Mail Campaign for MRC Budget Increase

G.Dellaire dellaire at
Mon Oct 20 14:40:13 EST 1997

 Dear CSBMCB member
 Reinhart Reithmeier is organizing a "grass-roots" letter writing campaign
 here in Toronto to increase the base budget of the MRC. It has met with
 great enthusiasm and I thought that our members might like to join in. Very
 recent comments from senior cabinet ministers suggest that we have their
 support. Now is the time for us to show our own concern and to encourage
 others - students, support staff, vendors etc etc to communicate their
 concern for the level of MRC funding to our leaders. Below is Reinhart's
 message to the Toronto research community. I attach an Acrobat pdf file
 which when printed will generate two pages which can photocopied onto card
 stock to generate post-cards for mass distribution to colleagues, students
 etc. As the cards are addressed to the PM no postage is needed. I encourage
 all of you to write a letter and have your departmental office produce the
 cards for faculty, students, staff and all others who are part of our
 scientific enterprise.
 Peter Lewis
 The MRC budget may be cut by another 3% in 1998/99. This is in addition to
 cuts made in the previous three years. The MRC budget has decreased by 13%
 over 4 years. In the last MRC competition only 28% of grants were funded.
 Funded grants had their recommended budgets reduced an average of 20 %,
 some as high as 34%. Decisions are being made now by the government
 concerning the 1998/99 federal budget. This is our opportunity to influence
 these important decisions. We can make a difference. Get involved.
 If you are concerned:
* call or meet your local Member of Parliament *Listed in Parliamentary
 * write immediately to the following:
 *Your local MP
 *The Right Hon. Jean Chretien, Prime Minister *The Hon. Ron J. Duhamel,
 Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development *The Hon. Allan
 Rock, Minister of Health *The Hon. John Manley, Minister of Industry *The
 Hon. Paul Martin, Minister of Finance
 Address No stamps required if letters are addressed to any Member of
 Parliament at:
 House of Commons
 Parliament Buildings
 Ottawa, Ontario
 K1A 0A6
 Ministerial Addresses (Postage Required or Fax)
 The Hon. Ron J. Duhamel
 Secretary of State for Science, Research and Development 235 Queen Street
 11th Floor East
 Ottawa, Ontario
 K1A 0H5
 Fax: (613) 990-4056
 The Hon. Allan Rock
 Minister of Health
 The Brooke Claxton Building
 Postal Locator 0916A
 Ottawa, Ontario
 K1A 0K9
 Fax: (613) 952-1154
 The Hon. John Manley
 Minister of Industry
 C. D. Howe Building
 235 Queen Street, 11th Floor East
 Ottawa, Ontario
 K1A 0H5
 Fax: (613) 992-0302
 The Hon. Paul Martin
 Minister of Finance
 Esplanade Laurier
 140 O'Connor Street, 21st Floor
 Ottawa, Ontario
 K1A 0G5
 Fax: (613) 995-5176
 Hints for letter:
 *emphasize need to increase base budget of Medical Research Council
 *identify yourself and why you are writing *cite personal experience and
 concerns *be brief and to the point
 *try to be positive, offer suggestions
 *comment on the good things that have been done by the federal government
 *stress the importance of a healthy university research enterprise in
 building a knowledge-based, innovative economy
 *make links between basic research and technology, improved health, wealth
 creation, jobs etc.
 *point out that research is people intensive and that cuts mean job losses
 *talk about essential role the university and research institutes play in
 the education and training of scientists

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