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Recent articles relevant to chromatin structure

Functionally interacting telomerase RNAs in the yeast telomerase      
 complex. Prescott and Blackburn, Genes
Dev. 11: 2790-2800.

Mini-review: The Chicken Lysozyme Locus as a Paradigm for the
Complex Developmental Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Loci.
Bonifer et al, JBC 272: 26075-26078.

The Groucho/Transducin-like Enhancer of split Transcriptional
Repressors Interact with the Genetically Defined Amino-terminal
Silencing Domain of Histone H3.
Palaparti et al, JBC 272: 26604-26610

Imprinted expression of the Igf2r gene depends on an intronic CpG
island. Wutz et al, Nature 389: 745-748.

Telomere Shortening and Tumor Formation by Mouse Cells Lacking
Telomerase RNA Blasco et al, Cell 91: 25-34.

Interplay of yeast global transcriptional regulators Ssn6p-Tup1p and
Swi-Snf and their effect on chromatin structure. Gavin and Simpson,
EMBO J. 16: 6263-6271.

Initiation and bidirectional propagation of chromatin assembly from a
target site for nucleotide excision repair. Gaillard et al, EMBO J 16:

Essential functional interactions of SAGA, a Saccharomyces
cerevisiae complex of Spt, Ada, and Gcn5 proteins, with the Snf/Swi
and Srb/mediator complexes. Roberts and Winston, Genetics 147: 451 -

Telomere Shortening and Tumor Formation by Mouse Cells Lacking
Telomerase RNA
Blasco et al, Cell 91: 25-34.

Stabilization of Xist RNA Mediates Initiation of X Chromosome
Sheardown et al, Cell 91: 99-107.

CpG Islands from the alpha-Globin Gene Cluster Increase Gene
Expression in an Integration-Dependent Manner.
Shewchuk and Hardison, MCB 17: 5856 - 5866.

High-Resolution Analysis of DNA Replication Domain Organization
across an R/G-Band Boundary.
Strehl et al, MCB 17: 6157 - 6166.

Alleviation of Histone H1-Mediated Transcriptional Repression and
Chromatin Compaction by the Acidic Activation Region in Chromosomal
Protein HMG-14. Ding et al, MCB 17: 5843 - 5855.

SNF2B-BRG1 Is Essential for the Viability of F9 Murine Embryonal
Carcinoma Cells.
Sumi-Ichinose et al, MCB 17: 5976 - 5986.

Nucleosome Binding by the Polymerase I Transactivator Upstream
Binding Factor Displaces Linker Histone H1.
Kermekchiev et al, MCB 17: 5833 - 5842.

Aberrant Silencing of the CpG Island-Containing Human
O6-Methylguanine DNA Methyltransferase Gene Is Associated with
the Loss of Nucleosome-Like Positioning.
Patel et al, MCB 17:5813 - 5822.

Somatic linker histones cause loss of mesodermal competence in
Steinbach et al, Nature 389: 395-399.

Crystal structure of the nucleosome core particle at 2.8 =C5 resolution.
Luger et al, Nature 389: 251-254.

RNA Helicase A Mediates Association of CBP with RNA Polymerase II
Nakajima et al, Cell 90: 1107-1112.

Abnormal skeletal patterning in embryos lacking a single Cbp allele: A
partial similarity with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome. Tanaka et al, PNAS
94: 10215-10220.

The H3/H4 Tetramer Blocks Transcript Elongation by RNA
Polymerase II in Vitro.
Chang and Luse, JBC 272: 23427-23434.

Steroid receptor coactivator-1 is a histone acetyltransferase.
Spencer et al, Nature 389: 194-198.

X Chromosome Inactivation Is Mediated by Xist RNA Stabilization.
Panning et al, Cell 90: 907-916.

Histone underacetylation is an ancient component of mammalian X
chromosome inactivation.
Wakefield et al, PNAS 1997 94: 9665-9668.

SU(VAR)3-7, a Drosophila heterochromatin-associated protein and
companion of HP1 in the genomic silencing of position-effect
Cleard et al, EMBO J 16: 5280 - 5288.

Adjacent DNA elements dominantly restrict the ubiquitous activity of a
novel chromatin-opening region to specific tissues. Ortiz et al, EMBO
J 16: 5037 - 5045.

Nucleosome structure and positioning modulate nucleotide excision
repair in the non-transcribed strand of an active gene. Wellinger and
Thoma. EMBO J 16: 5046 - 5056.

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