Influence of WWW on molecular genetics

Ralph Gainey sesame at
Sun Sep 28 21:25:05 EST 1997

Dear Graham Dellaire,

Thanks very much for your comprehensive and insightful response to=20
Christopher Huggins. You stimulated a couple of ideas which I would like
to put forward for consideration.

Cooperativity: everywhere we see the benefits of cooperation between
individuals to the benefit of all. There has never been an opportunity
like the internet for exploiting this phenomenon. I urge everyone to
participate selfishly.

Graham Dellaire wrote: " As for content, many people lament about not=20
being able to find information on the their subject but would never think
about providing some of that same information themselves for the benefit=20
of others. Partly this problem stems from lack of a system for recognizing
and citing on line work."

Perhaps an efficient archiving system will eliminate the citation problem.
It would be wonderful if the copyright protection were available on-demand
for on-line material ... you just have an icon that says "copyright" and
it is immediately extended to your material and the bug is attached to
whatever page you want it for. I am willing for my tax dollars to go for
this ...

Multi-disciplinary posts which provide reviews at different levels of
background would be very helpful. We need more people who are willing
to post material at the fundamental, intermediate, advanced, and research
level, and to help integrate this material with information from other
disciplines. The ideal system would allow any student, however remote,=20
to develop over time a comprehensive database at the remote site, and
have tools to utilize the database efficiently and effectively. =20

Theorists: I plead with people who can give a theoretical overview
of new experimental work to share that insight. Must everyone re-invent
the wheel with each new generation, and each significant discovery?
I consider this among the highest activities of the H. sapiens CNS,
and encourage a system of incentive and reward for this creative effort. =20

Re: Meta tags for attracting search engines [there should
be some software in the search engines that would allow filtering out
multiply repeated keywords?]; in addition to science oriented tags,
those sites which provide reviews and lists of related URL's should
be given a special identifier, so if a specific review is desired,=20
these sites will come up early.

Personally, I like short posts that give a URL and an indication of its
content. I appreciate and save most of these for potential future use.

Spam ... there is a need for traceability and accountability for this=20
type of activity ... commercial use of the internet should be separated=20
from other channels ... while it was irritating at first, now I habitually=
delete spam as it appears. Probably others do likewise. But I would prefer
a filter at the server.

Thanks again,

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