Downs Syndrome

John Gorst john at
Wed Apr 1 13:12:06 EST 1998

I know the /majority/ of cases of Downs Syndrome occur because of trisomy on
autosome 21, this is due to an error in gamete production during meiosis
to a homologous pair of chromosomes failing to separate (mostly in females,
sometimes due to male gametes)

I have also wrote in my notes, that Down's Syndrome can be caused by
translocation of part of chromosome 21 when a gamete is being produced. Am I
correct in saying this - I can not find any book which mentions this? Does
of this chromosome join onto the end of the other chromosome in the pair when
they are crossing over at the equator of the cell?

I assume that there is no way that Down's Syndrome can be passed on (assuming
that sufferers are infertile)?

Thanks for any info
john at

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