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Chromatin assembly factor I contributes to the maintenance, but not
            re-establishment, of silencing at the yeast silent mating loci.
                            Enomoto and Berman, Genes & Dev. 12: 219-232.

                  NF-Y Is Associated with the Histone Acetyltransferases
                  GCN5 and P/CAF.
                                    Currie, JBC 273: 1430-1434.

                    FACT, a Factor that Facilitates Transcript Elongation
                    through Nucleosomes.
                                   Orphanides et al, Cell 92: 105-116

                    Distinct requirements for chromatin assembly in
transcriptional repression by thyroid hormone receptor and histone
                                  Wong et al, EMBO J. 17: 520-534.

                   Binding of the winged-helix transcription factor HNF3 to=
                             linker histone site on the nucleosome.
                                  Cirillo et al, EMBO J. 17: 244-254.

                     Relationship between transcription and initiation of
      meiotic recombination: Toward chromatin accessibility
                                      Nicolas, PNAS 95: 87-89.

                   Drosophila NURF-55, a WD repeat protein involved in=
                                 Mart=EDnez-Balb=E1s PNAS 95: 132-137.

                   Nucleosome positioning by the winged helix transcription
                   factor  HNF3.
                                   Shim et al, Genes Dev. 12: 5-10.

                    The Med proteins of yeast and their function through
            the RNA polymerase II carboxy-terminal domain.
                                  Myers et al, Genes Dev. 12: 45-54.

                    Molecular Structure of a Functional Drosophila=
                                    Sun et al, Cell 91: 1007-1019.

                  Transient Inhibition of Histone Deacetylation Alters the
              Structural and Functional Imprint at Fission Yeast=
                                   Ekwall et al, Cell 91: 1021-1032.

                    SET1, A Yeast Member of the Trithorax Family, Functions=
                      Transcriptional Silencing and Diverse Cellular
                              Nislow et al, Molec. Biol. Cell. 8: 2421-2436.

            Histone acetyltransferases regulate HIV-1 enhancer activity in
            vitro. =20
                    Sheridan et al, Genes Dev. 11: 3327-3340.

                 Budding yeast centromere composition and assembly as
                 revealed by in vivo cross-linking.
                             Meluh and Koshland, Genes Dev. 11: 3401-3412.

                  Differential Roles of p300 and PCAF Acetyltransferases in
                  Muscle Differentiation.
                                    Puri et al, Molec. Cell 1:35-45.

                   The Effect of Distance on Long-Range Chromatin
                                  Dillon et al, Molec. Cell 1: 131-139.

                  Role of Nucleosome Remodeling Factor NURF in=
                                     Activation of Chromatin.
                                Mizuguchi et al, Molec. Cell 1: 141-150.

                     Solution Structure of the KIX Domain of CBP Bound to=
                          Transactivation Domain of CREB: A Model for
                                Activator:Coactivator Interactions.
                                 Radhakrishnan et al, Cell 91: 741-752.

                 Association of Transcriptionally Silent Genes with Ikaros
                        Complexes at Centromeric Heterochromatin.
                                    Brown et al, Cell 91: 845-854

                    The major chromatin protein histone H1 binds
                preferentially to cis-platinum-damaged DNA.
                                 Yaneva et al, PNAS 94: 13448-13451.

                  Histones H3 and H4 are components of upstream activation
factor required for the high-level transcription of yeast rDNA
by RNA polymerase I.
                                 Keener et al, PNAS 94: 13458-13462.

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