"PAUP"-Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony-.

Gabor Toth gabor at otis.geobio.elte.hu
Wed Feb 18 07:48:43 EST 1998

On 17 Feb 1998, Giuseppe Fanciullo wrote:

> I wish to know where I can download the program "PAUP"-Phylogenetic
> Analysis Using Parsimony-.
> If possible send a message to Giuseppe Fanciullo(joker at fr.flashnet.it)
> Thank's
> Giuseppe Fanciullo         email: joker at fr.flashnet.it

Hi Guiseppe,

As far as I know, PAUP is a commercial software, and no version of
PAUP is currently available. I am waiting eagerly for the release of
the new version (PAUP 4.0) which has been promised for fall 1997. It
will be published by Sinauer Associates. See:

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