Postdoctoral Position Available

Rainer Sachs sachs at
Mon Mar 2 17:25:16 EST 1998

Need postdoc to work on: computational studies of polymer and other
mathematical models for large-scale interphase chromatin geometry; and
relating chromosome geometry to genome damage produced by ionizing
radiation, especially intrachange chromosome aberrations.
Will work with NIH grant PI, Prof. Ray Sachs, UC Berkeley Math &
Physics departments.  Experience required in computer modeling and
at least one of the following three areas:  applications of the
theory of stochastic processes to biology; polymer physics; or
theoretical polymer chemistry.  Some background in molecular cell
biology, cytogenetics, or radiobiology would be very useful.
Available April 1998; applications will be accepted until post is
filled.  One year. Salary 36K+.  More information at:
CVs and at least two letters of reference: sachs at
Rainer K. (Ray) Sachs
Prof. of Math and of Physics
Evans Hall, U.California, Berkeley, CA 94720
Phones: 510-642-4384, 510-658-5790; Fax 510-642-8204
sachs at

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