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Hot Papers for February from J. Bone's Chromatin Pages!!!

Reconstitution of hyperacetylated, DNase I-sensitive chromatin
characterized by high conformational flexibility of nucleosomal
Krajewski and Becker, PNAS 95: 1540-1545.
Identification of a silencing element in the human 15q11-q13
imprinting center by using transgenic Drosophila.
Lyko et al, PNAS 95: 1698-1702.

Mutations in ccf, a novel Drosophila gene encoding a chromosomal
factor, affect progression through mitosis and interact with Pc-G
Kodjabachian et al, EMBO J. 17, 1063-1075

Location of enhancers is essential for the imprinting of H19 and Igf2
Webber et al, Nature 391: 711-714.

Retinoblastoma protein recruits histone deacetylase to repress
Brehm et al, Nature 391: 597-601.

Retinoblastoma protein represses transcription by recruiting a
histone deacetylase.
Magnaghi-Jaulin et al, Nature 391: 601-607.

Eukaryotic Transcription: An Interlaced Network of Transcription
Factors and Chromatin-Modifying Machines.
Kadonaga, Cell 92:303-317.

Mutations in Chromatin Components Suppress a Defect of Gcn5
Protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
P=E9rez-Mart=EDn and Johnson, MCB 18: 1049-1054.

Chromatin Structure in Granulocytes. A LINK BETWEEN TIGHT
Grigoryev and Woodcock, J. Biol. Chem. 273: 3082-3089.=20

p300 and estrogen receptor cooperatively activate transcription via
differential enhancement of initiation and reinitiation.
Kraus and Kadonaga, Genes Dev. 12: 331-342.=20

DSIF, a novel transcription elongation factor that regulates RNA
polymerase II processivity, is composed of human Spt4 and Spt5
Wada et al, Genes Dev. 12: 343-356.=20

Evidence that Spt4, Spt5, and Spt6 control transcription elongation
by RNA polymerase II in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
Hartzog et al, Genes Dev. 12: 357-369.=20

Mutations in the MRE11, RAD50, XRS2, and MRE2 genes alter
chromatin configuration at meiotic DNA double-stranded break sites
in premeiotic and meiotic cells.
 Ohta et al, PNAS 95: 646-651.

Hematopoietic stem cells and lymphoid progenitors express different
Ikaros isoforms, and Ikaros is localized to heterochromatin in
immature lymphocytes.
Klug et al, PNAS 95: 657-662.

Architectural DNA binding by a high-mobility-group/kinesin-like
subunit in mammalian SWI/SNF-related complexes.
Wang et al, PNAS 95: 492-498.
Nucleosome Structural Transition during Chromatin Unfolding Is
Caused by Conformational Changes in Nucleosomal DNA.
Gavin et al, J. Biol. Chem. 273: 2429-2434.

MIX-1: An Essential Component of the C. elegans Mitotic
Machinery Executes X Chromosome Dosage Compensation.
Lieb et al, Cell 92: 265-277

Chromatin assembly factor I contributes to the maintenance, but not
the re-establishment, of silencing at the yeast silent mating loci.
Enomoto and Berman, Genes & Dev. 12: 219-232.

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