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Gordon, R. (1998). The Hierarchical Genome and Differentiation Waves: Novel
Unification of Development, Genetics and Evolution (sent to press Feb. 25,
1998). Singapore: World Scientific, about 1500p.

Flip Animation of the Ectoderm Contraction Wave
1.00 Introduction
        1.01 Consider a Spherical Cow
        1.02 The Epigenetic Problem
        1.03 Wholeness and the Symmetry of the Early Embryo
        1.04 Wholeness through the Ruse of Organicism
        1.05 The Grip of Vitalism
        1.06 The Rise and Fall of Physics in Embryology
        1.07 Can We Restore the Physics of the Youth of Embryology?
        1.08 Avoiding the Spatial Component of Embryogenesis
        1.09 Wholeness, the Environment, and Symmetry Breaking
        1.10 Wholeness through Surface Tension
        1.11 Nonmaterial Physics as the Entelechy of Vitalism
        1.12 Towards a New Physics of Embryos
        1.13 New Tools of the Trade
        1.14 Are We Headed for Reductionism?
        1.15 Chemical or Mechanochemical Instabilities?
        1.16 Critique of the Theory of Self-Organizing Systems
        1.17 Protein Folding as a Deluding Paradigm
        1.18 A Word on Language
        1.19 The Embryology/Psychology Merry-go-round (Carrousel)
        1.20 The Cosmic Context
2.00 Neural Induction and the Organizer
        2.01 A Moment of Discovery
        2.02 Origins of the Idea of Induction
        2.03 Preformationism versus Epigenesis: To Be or To Become? That is
             the Question
        2.04 The Hunting of the Snark (The Inducer Molecule)
        2.05 A Cornucopia of Inducers
        2.06 The Snark Was a Boojum
        2.07 Limb Induction: A Parallel Case?
        2.08 Mesoderm and Other Inductions
        2.09 Regional Induction
        2.10 The Cell State Splitter
        2.11 Meet the Axolotl
        2.12 A History of Sexism in Science Whodunit: Hilde Mangold or Hans
3.00 Theory of the Cell State Splitter
        3.01 Overview
        3.02 How to Stop a Wave on a Sphere
        3.03 How the Ectoderm Contraction Wave Actually Stops: the Lens Model
        3.04 Internal Pressure May Synchronize Preparation of the Cell
             State Splitters
        3.05 The Right Place, at the Right Time, into the Right Kinds
        3.06 The Intracellular Mechanics of the Cell State Splitter Yields
             Ectodermal Differentiation
        3.07 Force Generating and Load Bearing Cytoskeletal Components:
             Microtubules (MT)
        3.08 Force Generating and Load Bearing Cytoskeletal Components:
             Microfilaments (MF)
        3.09 Force Generating and Load Bearing Cytoskeletal Components:
             Intermediate filaments (IF)
        3.10 Combinations of Cytoskeletal Components
4.00 Development and Genetics
        4.01 The General Cell State Splitter
        4.02 Differentiation Trees
        4.03 Genetics and Differentiation Trees
        4.04 A New Definition of 'Tissue'
        4.05 The Relationship Between Cells and Tissues in Regulating Embryos
        4.06 The Relationship Between Cells and Tissues in Mosaic Embryos
5.00 Development and Evolution
        5.01 Evolution of Cell State and Tissue Splitting
        5.02 The Secondary Importance of Embryonic Induction
        5.03 Dedifferentiation and Redifferentiation
        5.04 The Selfish Differentiation Tree
        5.05 The Ciliate Origin of Multicellular Organisms
6.00 Macroevolution
        6.01 Redefining Microevolution and Macroevolution
        6.02 Possible DNA Mechanisms for Macroevolutionary Change of
             Differentiation Trees
        6.03 Differentiation Trees in Punctuated Equilibrium
        6.04 The Grand Sweep of Evolution
        6.05 Neutralist Theory
        6.06 A Universe Aware of Itself: Differentiation Waves and the Brain
7.00 The Biogenetic Law
        7.01 'Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny' Revisited via
             Differentiation Trees
        7.02 Organisms with Two Differentiation Trees
        7.03 Winding up Evolution
8.00 The Homeobox
        8.01 Why Insects and Vertebrates Share Homeobox Domains
        8.02 The Development of Bilateral Asymmetry
        8.03 Facets of Embryogenesis
9.00 A Cornucopia of Differentiation Waves
        9.01 Activation Wave
        9.02 Cleavage Waves
        9.03 The Compaction Wave
        9.04 Mitotic Waves
        9.05 Quantal Mitoses and a Model for Limb Morphogenesis
        9.06 Head and Tail Duplications
        9.07 First Sitings of the Differentiation Waves of the Axolotl
        9.08 Differentiation Waves of the Neural Plate
        9.09 A Possible Pair of Differentiation Waves in the Later Epidermis
        9.10 Neural Crest
        9.11 Differentiation Waves in Plant Meristems
        9.12 Differentiation Waves in Fly and Fish Eyes
        9.13 Single Cell versus Multiple Cell Differentiation Waves
        9.14 Repetitive Waves
        9.15 Drosophila  Bristles: A Wave/Mechanical Reinterpretation
        9.16 The American Shorthair Tabby Domestic Cat and Pigment Patterns
        9.17 Butterfly Eye Spots
        9.18 The Milk Line
        9.19 Waves in Assorted Tissues
        9.20 Waves on Anuran Embryos
        9.21 Hints of Other Differentiation Waves, Especially Somites
        9.22 Uninvited Waves
        9.23 Are Others' Waves Our Waves?
        9.24 Are Differentiation Waves Merely Epiphenomena?
        9.25 Mutant Waves
        9.26 Wave Parallels between Mosaic and Regulating Organisms
        9.27 Launching Domains May Have Specific Electrical, Mechanical and
             Molecular Properties
10.00 Conclusion
        10.01 The Logic of Evolution
        10.02 Is Evolution Progressive?
        10.03 Were We Inevitable?
        10.04 The Living Ghost of Orthogenesis
        10.05 On Purpose and Progress
        10.06 The Beads-on-a-String 'New Synthesis'
        10.07 Gene Duplication as the Essence of Macroevolution
        10.08 The Blessings of Ever Increasing Dimensionality
        10.09 The Fractal Tree of Life
        10.10 The Novel Unification of Development, Genetics and Evolution
        10.11 Exploring the Higher Order Structure of the Genome
        10.12 How to Find a GEM
        10.13 A Clockwork Universe Within: Nuclear Tensegrity Mechanics
              (Wurfels) as a Foundation for the Nuclear State Splitter
        10.14 The Top Ten Questions
        10.15 Paradigms for Developmental Biology
        10.16 A New Curriculum for Biologists
Appendices (reprints of 8 related papers)
References (about 6900)
Glossary and Abbreviations
Surname and Subject Index

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