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Raymond Dalgleish ray at leicester.ac.uk
Mon May 11 07:01:51 EST 1998

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   alvaro mailhos <alvaro at genetica.edu.uy> wrote:
>I  would like to know if there are "introns" or intron-like structures in
>the 5' and 3' UTRs that are spliced out. I looked all over and  couldn't
get any information.
>Can anyone out there help me?

I cannot quote chapter and verse but here are a couple of generalisation
that I think may answer your question.
1) The start codon of a gene need not be in the first exon. ence, the 5'
UTR need not be encoded in a single exon. The example that comes to mind is
the per gene in Drosophila.

2) The stop codon is almost always in the last exon of the gene and so it
is very rare for an intron to be present in the 3' UTR. I know that there
is at least one exception to this but cannot remember an example. Can
anybody else help?

Raymond Dalgleish
Department of Genetics
University of Leicester

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