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Tue May 12 07:49:25 EST 1998

Thanks to everyone for the messages!!! They have been really helpful and
now I've started to get the picture. But you won't get rid of me that easy.
Here comes another question... Regarding intron loss, apparently is not
uncommon to see the loss of introns when we compare the genomic structure
of a gene in two different species. Now the question is how would this be
achieved keeping intact the reading frame and not loosing a single triplet
(I've seen many examples of this myself)?
Apparently retrotransposition of processed mRNAs into transcriptionally
active loci "occurs at quite a reasonable evolutionary rate" (according to
W. Gilbert)and this could account for "massive" intron loss. So far I
haven't seen that many examples though. Actually I have been looking arounf
and could come only with the opsins and the insulin examples (maybe the
case of IL8R quoted by Andrew G. could be another example since the
complete ORF is encoded in a single exon...). Do you know any other
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