5'Ends/GC-rich mRNA/Rare and Alternative

Carla Wood cwood at ih.org
Wed Aug 4 02:39:43 EST 1999

I am investigating the RACE/5'-end technologies for
rare GC-rich mRNA
templates with multiple  5'-ends/promoters. I have
used the following kits:
Marathon and SMART RACE kits (Clontech) and 
Sure-RACE cDNA panels (OriGene
Tech., tissue panels), with limited success to date.
I am now
turning to the Version 2.0 5'-RACE kit from
Gibco/BRL, as it has been
improved slightly. Also I am
looking into any techniques or kits (kits, not
developed yet?) for
ligation-mediated RT-PCR/5'-RACE
which can be useful for rare messages/alternative
Thanks for any suggestions anyone has found.
C. Wood
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