Faculty position in genomics

DKafkewitz dkafkewitz at aol.com
Wed Aug 4 02:42:16 EST 1999

The Federated Department of Biological Sciences of
                  and the New Jersey Institute of
Technology has a one to two year
                  track faculty position available in
the general areas of genomics and

                  The candidate, who will have some
postdoctoral experience, as well as a
                  significant publication record, will
help integrate genomics into our
                  undergraduate curriculum, while
retaining the opportunity to continue
                  or begin
                  research projects. Collaborations
with department members in relevant
                  will be an important aspect of this
position. The candidate will also
                  be asked
                  to explore the relationships of
genomics to environmental research and
                  help to
                  extend developing relationships with
New Jersey Institute of Technology
                  environmental scientists and

                  The teaching duties will be in the
areas of genetics and molecular
                  biology and
                  will include new courses as well as
revised and updated versions of
                  certain of
                  our present courses.  

                  Information on our department and
its programs can be found at:

                  Direct applications or inquiries to:
Genomics Search, Department of
                  Sciences, Rutgers University,
Newark, New Jersey 07102.  

                  E-mail inquiries to:
kafkwtz at newark.rutgers.edu

                  Thank you.

                  David Kafkewitz, Chair, Department
of Biological Sciences.



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