What is known about the 30nm selenoid

Jenny Yang j1yang at sdcc13.ucsd.edu
Mon Aug 9 15:56:37 EST 1999

Dear all,
                I am studying chromatin structure in
the nuclues and am trying to find the most current
information on what is known
                about this subject.  Some articles
I've read by Kensal van Holde have suggested that most
of chromatin, in the resting
                phase, is irregular with only few
regions with somewhat of a regular structure.  I am
interested to know what is the
                general belief on this matter and if
the claims presented by this group are those accepted
by the community studying
                this topic.  In addition, I would also
like to know what is known about the 30nm selenoid
structure at this time.  Does it
                exist or is it present on very limited
regions of the condensed, compacted DNA as suggested
by the group mentioned
                above?  If anyone can provide me any
information on this matter, it would be great if you
could reply to me personally
                at yvonne_vu at yahoo.com or post the
reply on this discussion page to start an ongoing
discussion on this issue.  Any
                information I would receive would be
GREATLY appreciated.
                Yvonne Vu


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