gene regulation and hematopoiesis

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Two or three postdoctoral positions are available to
study mechanisms of long-range transactivation by
locus control regions, the role of Notch signaling in
hematopoiesis, and the role of novel ubiquitin ligases
in hematopoiesis. 

Specific problems include: 

Identification of coactivators that mediate long-range
(Bresnick, E.H. & Tze, L. (1997) Proc. Natl. Acad.
Sci. U.S.A. 94, 4566-4571; Forsberg, E.C., Lam,
L.T., Yang, X.-J., Nakatani, Y. & Bresnick, E.H.
(1997) Biochemistry 36, 15918-15924; Forsberg,
E.C., Johnson, K., Zaboikina, T., Mosser, E.A., &
Bresnick, E.H. (1999) J. Biol. Chem., in press.) 

Influence of hematopoietic signaling pathways on
long-range transactivation, hematopoiesis, and
(Versaw, W.K. & Bresnick, E.H. (1998) Proc. Natl.
Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 95, 8756-8760; Lam, L.T. &
Bresnick, E.H. (1998) J. Biol. Chem. 273, 24223-24231;
Forsberg, E.C., Zaboikina, T., Versaw, W.K.,
Ahn, N. & Bresnick, E.H. (1999) Mol. Cell Biol., in
press (August issue) 

Cloning and functional analysis (by gene disruption in
mice and other molecular approaches) of
novel ubiquitin ligases. 
(Mosser, E., Kasanov, J.D., Forsberg, E.C., Kay, B.K.,
Ney, P.A., & Bresnick, E.H. (1998)
Biochemistry 37, 13686-13695; Huang, K. Mosser, E.A. &
Bresnick, E.H. (1999), in preparation. 

Candidates must have a strong background and at least
two first author publications in major journals in
molecular biology, biochemistry, or developmental
biology. Please send curriculum vitae and names of
three references to: 

Emery Bresnick, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Pharmacology 
Admissions Chair, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology
Department of Pharmacology 
387 Medical Science Building 
1300 University Avenue 
Madison, WI 53706 

TEL. (608) 265-6446 
FAX (608) 262-1257 
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