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Art's Biotechnology Resource

The website can be linked by the following:



This site allows easy access to hyperlinks and free
software for
the biochemist, biophysicist and molecular
biologist.  This site
is constantly evolving and expanding, so it can be
easy to use,
reliable, and comprehensive. As of 6/13/99, many new
links have
been added.  There have also been some new
categories added:

Employment Opportunities: this is a list of the
databases with jobs that are related to the
biotechnology field.
If you know of any links that are related to
please email me at arthurr at

Best Biotechnology Sites: this is a list of the best
related sites in the world.  If you know of any
websites that are
not on the list that would be considered the best,
please email
me at arthurr at

Bioethics/ Legal Issues:  provides information on
the public's view
of biotechnology research and legal issues that
concern the
community.  If you know of any other important sites
related to the
legality of biotechnology or ethics (i.e. human
cloning), please email
me at arthurr at wsunix.wsu
Art Roberts
(web designer)
arthurr at
 (P.S. I reply to all emails that are sent, and I
would appreciate your comments and suggestions)



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