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Cindy Gresham gresham at
Sun Jun 20 02:46:31 EST 1999

I am a freelance graphic designer hoping to switch
my focus to science
illustration, and have just completed a BSc in
biology.  I am just
beginning my research into who uses science
illustrators and for what
type of
projects, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to just
broadcast these
questions in a few
newsgroups. Any responses to any of my questions
will be very much

1.     Have any of the participants in this newgroup
ever been involved
in the production of a biology textbook? If so...
    a.   How much specific instructions were the
illustrators given
about the content of the illustrations?
    b.   How much did the publisher or author rely
on the illustrator's
own knowedge of the subject?
    c.   Are authors involved in the selection of
illustrators, or do
the publishers usually
do the selection?

2.     Do any of the participants in this newsgroup
ever work with
illustrators to enhance a slide presentation or an
article? If so...
    a.   How do you go about selecting an
illustrator for projects such
as this?
    b.   Is there someone else who would do the
selecting for you?
    c.   Would you do a search on the internet for
science illustrators?

    d.   Would it be helpful to receive a sample of
an illustrator's
work in the mail to keep on hand?

I am very grateful to anyone who can offer any
advice or insights. And,
naturally, I am happy to send some samples of my
work to any one who is

Best regards,
Cindy Gresham
Houston, TX



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