heritage-environment questions

Davor dbrodara at sk.tel.hr
Tue Oct 12 15:20:01 EST 1999

I have questions about influence heritage and
environment on human
psychic characteristics.I ask this,beacuse,in one
dictionary I find how is human psychic
characteristics,less influence of
heritage and more influence of environment.
In dictionary is specify:
"...characteristics of temperament and partly
emotional react is
"...intelligence is in high level hereditary..."
"...human react in problems-situations is determine
by influence of
"...psychical structures
like:motivation,attitudes,beliefs manner
behaviour in community,etc.,etc.;is almost complete
result action of
enviromental factors and it is consequence of
different proces of
All this is very clear for me,but before few months
on Croatian TV I
heard,by one expert in genetics(Zarko Dolinar),how
is everything in
genes,and how is genetics science recently find gene
responsible for
After all what is true?Is that mean how is
robbers,mass-murders etc. do
not responsible for own acts?Or I do not understand
very well exsposure
of Prof. Dolinar?
If anybody can tell me more about rhis questions,you
can write me direct
on my e-mail address.
I hope how you can understand my bad English.
I apologize to all users if my letter do not belong
in this NG.
Thank you in advance



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