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On 12 Oct 1999, Davor wrote:

Hi Davor,

in your mail you strike on some interesting and
controversial points !

> > I have questions about influence heritage and
> > environment on human
> > psychic characteristics.I ask this,beacuse,in one
> > psychological
> > dictionary I find how is human psychic
> > characteristics,less influence of
> > heritage and more influence of environment.

Science has seen that a lot of things which were
stamped earlier as
"social" components are much more heavily influenced
by genes... and vice
versa !
> > All this is very clear for me,but before few
> months
> > on Croatian TV I
> > heard,by one expert in genetics(Zarko Dolinar),how
> > is everything in
> > genes,and how is genetics science recently find
> gene
> > responsible for
> > criminal.

This is a risky remark, and I would be very

> > After all what is true?Is that mean how is
> > robbers,mass-murders etc. do
> > not responsible for own acts?

That would be jumping to conclusions. In some cases,
people may be more
aggresive, e.g. when the have a mutation in a
dopamine uptake gene.
However, such a simple model never explains ALL
forms of aggression.
In conclusion: we are influenced by our genes and by
our surroundings. Of
what a certain type of behaviour may be the result
will probably never be
explainable completely. Trying to answer this
question also carries risks:
people tend to overinterpret scientific results.

Kind regards,

Clemens Suter-Crazzolara, PhD

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