Keystone Conference on Chromatin Structure

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Sun Oct 17 17:54:22 EST 1999


Chromatin Structure and Function (C2)
Organizers: Gary Felsenfeld, Gary Karpen and Michael
February 12 - February 18, 2000
Sheraton Tamarron Resort, Durango, Colorado
Abstract Deadline: October 12, 1999  ·
Early Registration: December 13, 1999

This meeting will address a fundamental shift in our
understanding of chromosomal structures and their
relation to gene activity and other chromosomal
functions. Recent major discoveries have shown
that transcription involves active participation of
chromatin components and structure. Enzymes and other
factors that alter chromatin structure and that
chemically modify histones have been identified and
shown to play a major role as co-factors that can
activate or repress transcription at specific        
genes. Additional levels of chromatin packaging
modification are involved in the formation of
heterochromatin at centromeres and telomeres and in
X-chromosome inactivation and imprinting. Many of the
factors involved in these functions and the role of
replication in their establishment are the subject of
this meeting.

Finally, the larger scale organization of chromosomal
structures and sister chromatid interactions will be
addressed. It is expected that common paradigms will
be uncovered that help explain chromosomal
organizations from yeast to Man.




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