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David Gurwitz gurwitz at
Sat Sep 11 03:20:29 EST 1999

The National Laboratory for the Genetics of Israeli
Populations, located at
the Tel-Aviv University Faculty of Medicine, has a
unique DNA collection
from unrelated individuals, representing the large
ethnic variation of
Israeli populations. We have already establsihed
more than 1500 cell lines
families. The individulas
sampled include representatives of European, Asian,
African and
Middle-Eastern ethnic background.
All individuals who donated blood samples for the
preparation of the human
cell lines and DNA collection have given full
consent for the study of their
genome. The coded DNA samples are being kept with
strict confidentiality;
only sex and ethnic background are supplied along
with the DNA samples. Our
fees start at US$10 per 2 ug DNA sample.

For more information kindly visit our web site:

I shall be happy to answer specific questions on
sample availability.

David Gurwitz

> David Gurwitz, Ph.D.
> National Laboratory for the Genetics of Israeli
> Populations
> Room 306
> Sackler Faculty of Medicine 
> Tel-Aviv University
> Tel-Aviv 69978, ISRAEL
> voice/fax: +972-3-640-7611
> e-mail: gurwitz at



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