PhD Studentship at St Andrews, UK

Kevin Hammond kh at
Thu Sep 23 14:10:03 EST 1999

[Please forward to anyone who might be interested.]

A vacancy has arisen for an EPSRC (UK
government-funded) PhD studentship
in the Division of
Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.
 Current research interests in the functional
 programming group include:
 o  parallel language design and implementation
       (the GUM and GranSim systems, coupled with the
 evaluation strategy
 o  applications in computer graphics (e.g.
 development of radiosity algorithms)
 o  biotechnology, including complex pattern
 recognition in genetic sequences
    for virology research (jointly with colleagues in
 the School of
 Biomedical Sciences)
 o  search in AI, notably parallel satisfiability
 o  distributed and persistent systems
 o  novel memory management techniques
 but other PhD topics are possible (including wholly
 or jointly with other
 Standard EPSRC conditions apply:  in particular,
 fees are limited to EC levels,
 and the applicant must possess a good degree in a
 relevant subject.
 St Andrews is a small but lively seaside town close
 to Edinburgh,
 Scotland. The University
 is the oldest University in Scotland (founded 1411),
 with a very good
 reputation for research.
 Within the Division of Computer Science, there is
 good general support and
 computer provision
 including a 64-processor Beowulf class machine
 (each a 450MHz Pentium II with 384MB of RAM and 6GB
 of disk) that could be
 exploited by
 this student.
 More information about the group and links to the
 division etc. can be found at
 or contact me to discuss details.



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