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Postdoctoral Positions in Chromatin Remodeling and

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research
Laboratories, Penn State
We are seeking talented scientist that have a keen
interest in studying
 the relationship between chromatin structure and
 Experience in protein biochemistry, molecular
 biology, yeast genetics
 and/or mammalian cell culture is a plus. Our
 laboratory is currently
 emphasizing the identification and analysis of
 ATP-dependent chromatin
 remodeling activities (e.g. SWI/SNF) and native
 adaptor/histone acetyltransferase complexes (e.g.
 SAGA). The functions
 of such complexes provide exciting new concepts in
 gene regulation. We
 are looking for colleagues who will share our
 enthusiasm for these
 studies and will fully participate in the growing
 chromatin/transcription research community (7
 laboratories) at Penn.
  I have listed below a few recent manuscripts from
 our laboratory that
 can provide examples of our approaches to these
 questions. A more
 detailed description of our research interest can be
 found at our
 ( and
 Grant, P.A., Duggan, L.,  Côté, J., Roberts, S.M.,
 Brownell, J.E.,
 Candau, R.,  Ohba, R., Owen-Hughes, T.,  Allis,
 C.D., Winston, F.,
 Berger, S.L. and Workman,  J.L. (1997). Yeast Gcn5
 functions in two
 multisubunit complexes to acetylate nucleosomal
 characterization of an ADA complex and the SAGA
 (Spt/Ada) complex. Genes
 Dev. 11, 1640-1650..
  Côté, J., Peterson, C.L. and Workman, J.L. (1998).
 Perturbation of
 nucleosome structure by the SWI/SNF complex persists
 following its
 detachment, enhancing subsequent transcription
 factor binding.  Proc.
 Natl. Acad. Sci. USA  9, 4947-4952.
 Utley, R.T., Ikeda, K., Grant, P.A., Côté, J.,
 Steger, D. J.,
 Eberharter, A., John, S. and Workman, J.L. (1998).
 activators target histone acetyltransferase
 complexes to nucleosomes.
 Nature 394, 498-502.
  Grant, P. A., Schieltz, D., Pray-Grant, M. G.,
 Steger, D. J., Reese, J.
 C., Yates III, J. R., Workman, J. L. (1998).  A
 subset of TBP-associated
 factors, TAFIIs, are integral components of the SAGA
 complex that are
 required for nucleosome acetylation and
 transcription stimulation. Cell
 94, 45-53.
 Neely, K.E., Hassan, A.H., Wallberg, A.E., Steger,
 D.J., Cairns, B. R.,
 Wright, A.P.H., and Workman, J.L. (1999). 
 Activation domain-mediated
 targeting of the SWI/SNF complex to promoters
 stimulates transcription
 from nucleosome arrays. Mol Cell. 4, 649-655.
 John, S., Howe, L., Travov, S.T., Grant, P.A.,
 Sternglanz, R., and
 Workman, J.L. (2000) The Something about silencing
 protein, SAS3, is the
 catalytic subunit of the NuA3 complex, a
 TAF30-containing HAT complex
 that interacts with the Spt16 subunit of the yeast
 CP (Cdc68/Pob3)/FACT
 complex. Genes Dev. In press.
 Vignali, M., Steger, D.J., and Workman, J.L. (2000)
 Distribution of
 acetylated histones resulting from GAL4-VP16
 targeting of the SAGA and
 NuA4 complexes to nuclesome arrays. EMBO J. in
 To apply send letter, cv and names of three
 references to
 Jerry L. Workman, Ph.D.
 HHMI / Penn State
 306 Paul M. Althouse Laboratory
 University Park, PA 16802
 Phone: (814) 863-8256 Fax: (814) 863-0099 E-mail:
 JLW10 at



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