ANNOUNCE: Genome Based Gene Structure

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                                Genome Based Gene
Structure Determination
                                        1-2 June 2000

                                Call for registration
and poster abstracts.

                Details :
                Contact : genepred2000 at

                The symposium focuses on the latest
developments in the area of
                annotation of genes in large genomes. 
Topics covered are (i) genome
                methodologies of identifying genes and
other gene structural elements; 
                (ii) first-hand experiences from
annotating large genomes;
                and (iii) bioinformatics aspects of
large-scale genome annotation 
                Abstracts for poster presentation
covering any of the above issues are

                The invited speakers include
                  Michael Ashburner  (European
Bioinformatics Institute, England) 
                  Ewan Birney  (European
Bioinformatics Institute, England) 
                  Richard Durbin  (Sanger Centre,
                  Mikhail Gelfand  (Centre for
Biotechnology, Russia) 
                  Roderic Guigo  (Institut Municipal
de Investigacio Medica, Spain) 
                  Tim Hubbard  (Sanger Centre,
                  Anders Krogh  (Center for Biological
Sequence Analysis, Denmark) 
                  Suzanna Lewis  (Berkeley Drosophila
Genome Project, USA) 
                  Klaus F.X. Mayer  (MIPS, Germany) 
                  Webb Miller  (Pennsylvania State
University, USA) 
                  Edward C Uberbacher   (Oak Ridge
National Laboratory, USA) 
                  Thomas Werner  (GSF, Germany) 
                  Michael Q Zhang  (Cold Spring Harbor
Laboratory, USA) 

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                Jean-Jack Riethoven

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