AUT gel transfers

H.Morrison harry at
Wed Mar 8 09:59:15 EST 2000

Here goes;

I'm currently separating hyperacetylated histones on
15% AUT
(Acid-Urea-Triton) gels and then transfering these
onto nitrocellulose
membrane by use of a Western 'blotpac'.  These
membranes I then use to
incubate with various antibodies. Now that I have my
breath back, the
question I have is, does anyone have any recent
references/experience of
Western transfers with AUT gels? I just feel that
I'm losing a fair
amount of material that just isn't being transfered
from the gel. Could
it be soaking time, buffer concentrations or just
the norm?

Any help or pointers to this relative newbie to the
firld of histones
would be appreciated.




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