Addictions: a genetic "disease"?

Tim Browne ue451 at
Thu Nov 9 00:12:54 EST 2000

Greetings. A few months ago, I saw a news clip on
the Space Channel about
how the human genome was now completely mapped.
Since at least the 1780's,
there have been people who believed that addictions
(to alcohol, drugs,
abusive relationships, shopping, gambling, junk
food, even messy rooms,
etc) are "inherited, congenital, incurable,
progressive and fatal
diseases". Now that the human genome has apparently
been mapped in its
entirety, is there any truth to this psychobabble
about an "addictive
gene", or is it merely, as so many people suspect,
merely a behaviour
pattern? Is it true that, for example, "alcoholics"
have a "disease" which 
"forces them to drink", or is the REAL cause of
their drinking simply that
someone pours them a drink, they lift the glass, and
they drink, and that
they like to get sloshed? If anyone could point me
in the right direction,
I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance. L8r.

Tim Browne 



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