Recombinant Introns

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Thu Aug 9 22:06:39 EST 2001

On 9 Aug 2001 08:41:42 +0100, billatkins at
(Bill Atkins)

>I'm a genetics student and I have a question that
> my
> >professor is
> >unsure of.  If you take DNA (not cDNA, but regular
> >DNA) from one
> >organism and place it into the genome of another,
> >will the new
> >organism correctly splice out the introns?
> >
> depends on the intron type, specific intron and the
> organisms. 

Some self-splicing introns have been shown to splice
in foreign
environments. But with the more important class of
introns, mRNA
introns of higher organisms, many host gene products
are needed.
Whether they would work on a foreign intron depends
on the case.





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