Could you tell me about REPuter?

Hirobe Takashi t-hirobe at
Thu Dec 13 17:55:22 EST 2001

I am a student who study genome repeat structure in
university in Japan.
I found software called REPuter, it finds repeat
sequences from whole
I know RepeatMasker.but RepeatMasker uses repeat
I tryed to know that REPuter can find all seaquences
in Repbase.
But REPuter online is restricted to 100000bases,
This is not enough for
whole genome.
I couldn't compare how good they are. And I couldn't
get permission from
university to get free available
REPter software.So I can't use official REPter

I want to know that REPter can find all sequences in
Repbase or not.
If you have knowledge of this thing ,could you teach

hirobe takashi




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