38570 GENES in Human genome, 72% (27851)

webmaster webmaster at softberry.com
Fri Mar 2 19:37:03 EST 2001

Sftberry completed fully automatic annotation
of Human genome by FGENESH++ program. Of 38,570
predicted genes, 27,851 (72%) have homologs in NR
 protein database. Results are presented for public
 in the Genome Browser of UCSC Human Genome Project
 Team site
 Fgenesh++ predictions are based on Softberry's gene
 finding software. Fgenesh++ uses both HMMs and
 protein similarity to find genes in a completely
 automated manner.
 Fgenesh++  uses FGENESH and FGENESH+ programs.
 Fgenesh is ab initio gene prediction works very fast
 processing Human genome sequences for about 4 hours.
 The programs also have parameters for many model
 organisms such as Drosophila,
 Yeast, Dicot and Monocot plants.
 Later we plan to annotate also CELL LOCATION of
 predicted proteins 
 (by our ProtComp program available



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