Bioinformatics Summer School 2002

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Bioinformatics Summer School 2002.


June 24th - 28th, 2002.

 The Bioinformatics Laboratory at the National
 University of Ireland,
 Maynooth will hold their 4th International
 Bioinformatics Summer School from
 Monday June 24th until Friday June 28th, 2002.
 Topics: Databases, Database Searching, Pairwise
 Alignment, Multiple
 Alignment, Phylogeny Reconstruction, Protein
 Structure Prediction,
 Microarray Analysis, Open Reading Frame Prediction
 and Genome Assembly.
 Location: NUI Maynooth is located 25 minutes drive
 from Dublin Airport in
 the village of Maynooth, 20 kilometres west of
 Dublin City Centre.  The
 University is the second oldest in Ireland and is
 located in County Kildare,
 home of many of Europe's finest racecourses and
 championship golf courses. 
 The course will be held in the Callan building,
 which holds the departments
 of Computer Science and Biology and will be
 delivered using state-of-the art
 computer hardware and software. 
 In the year 2001, the course was sponsored by The
 European Molecular Biology
 Organisation (see  This
 year the Summer School
 did not seek funding from EMBO, however the course
 content will be very
 Cost: The cost of participation is Euro750
 (approximately STG 470.00, US$
 680).  Accommodation can be booked through the
 University Conference and
 Accommodation Centre, with costs ranging from
 approximately Euro18 per night
 to approximately Euro 70 per night
 To Apply: Last year, there were 400 applicants, so
 please apply for a
 position on this course as early as possible.  You
 may apply by sending an
 email to: 
 school at
 This website will eventually contain all the
 information relevant to this
 course, so please check back regularly
 Best wishes,
 Dr. James O. McInerney,
 Bioinformatics and Pharmacogenomics Laboratory,
 Department of Biology, National University of
 Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
 P: +353 1 708 3860
 F: +353 1 708 3845
 M: +353 87 6480102
 E:james.o.mcinerney at
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