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Rich Jorgensen raj at
Fri Mar 29 13:02:06 EST 2002

Postdoc - Bioinformatic analysis of chromatin
proteins in plants

Position and responsibilities: Perform sequence
similarity and protein
domain motif searches to identify maize and rice
chromatin genes, generate
gene splicing models, perform protein domain
analyses, and determine
evolutionary relationships, especially vis a vis
Arabidopsis genes that have
already been identified (see the Plant Chromatin
Database, ChromDB, at: ChromDB is a key component of an
NSF-funded functional
genomics project that is centered on the study
chromatin protein function in
maize and Arabidopsis.

Minimum qualifications: Requires Ph.D. in genetics,
molecular biology, or related area. Willingness to
learn new methods of
sequence analysis, read the bioinformatics
literature, understand the
algorithms on which these methods are based, and
explore new methods is
essential. Interactive, teamwork skills are
important, as the position
requires working closely with a team of scientists
and the database manager
to establish a useful database of chromatin gene
function .

Preferred qualifications: The most competitive
applicant will have
experience with bioinformatics and database design
and with performing
sequence analysis, including database similarity
searches, sequence
alignments, motif and evolutionary analysis.
Familiarity with Unix operating
system and PC operating systems and working
knowledge of the internet and of
writing HTML pages is desirable. Interested
candidates with limited
experience in bioinformatics but an interest in
learning more are invited to
apply. Knowledge of chromatin-level regulation of
 gene expression is
 Salary depends on qualifications and experience.
 Position open immediately.
 Review of applications begins on April 8, and
 continues until position is
 filled. Send curriculum vitae and names of three
 references to: Richard
 Jorgensen (raj at, Department of Plant
 Sciences, University of
 Arizona, Tucson, AZ  85721-0036. (520) 626-9216



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