Chloroplasts and mitochondria - functional

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Comparative functional genomics of chloroplasts,
mitochondria and their 
bacterial homologues - new perspectives on symbiosis
in cell evolution
 Discussion Meeting
 The Royal Society of London
 Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th June 2002
 Royal Society Discussion Meetings are open to all,
 though prior 
 registration is required. Registration is free.
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 Registration form
 Chloroplasts and mitochondria are energy-converting
 organelles of 
 eukaryotic cells. They also contain small,
 specialised, functional 
 genomes. Their genetic and energy-converting systems
 are bacterial in 
 origin. But most genes for chloroplast and
 mitochondrial components are 
 now found in the cell nucleus. So why did some genes
 move, while others 
 did not?
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