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Thu Nov 7 14:39:50 EST 2002

Tenure-Track Positions
Department of Biological Sciences

Dallas TX.  The Department of Biological Sciences
has recently moved into a new 68,000 sq. ft.
state-of-the art facility.  As part of the process
to expand upon our already strong molecular biology
program, two new faculty members have joined our
department this year and an additional two to three
positions are available for fall 2003. Candidates at
the junior (ASSISTANT) or senior (ASSOCIATE OR FULL
PROFESSOR) levels are invited to apply. Successful
candidates must have a strong record of research
accomplishments in areas that utilize molecular
biology, biochemistry or cell biology and will be
expected to develop vigorous, externally funded
 research programs.  Additionally, successful
 candidates will have a strong commitment to
 undergraduate and graduate teaching.  For one of the
 positions, preference will be given to an individual
 whose research examines components of oxidative
 stress and free radical biology.  Competitive
 start-up funds and salaries will be offered. 
 Candidates should forward curriculum vitae, a brief
 statement of research plans, and three letters of
 recommendation to: Dr. Larry Ruben, Chair,
 Department of Biological Sciences, Southern
 Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275.   The
 positions recruited this year begin fall semester
 2003.  To ensure full consideration for the
 positions, the applications must be postmarked by
 December 1, 2002, but the committee will continue to
 accept applications until the positions are filled. 
 The committee will notify applicants of its
 employment decisions after the positions are filled.
  SMU will not discriminate on the basis of race,
 color, religion, national origin, sex, age,
 disability, or veteran status.  SMU also is
 committed to nondiscrimination on the basis of
 sexual orientation.



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