Postdoc positions - cell cycle checkpoints

Matthew O'Connell matthew.oconnell at
Wed Nov 20 12:47:19 EST 2002

Positions are available for highly motivated people
to join the group of Dr
O¹Connell and study G2 checkpoint signalling through
the Chk1 protein
kinase. Available projects are part of a larger
effort within the lab
that studies checkpoint signalling at the G2/M
transition. Our
laboratory widely uses fission yeast as a model for
gene and pathway
discovery, and these findings then direct
experiments in mammalian
systems. The projects below build on a body of data
from an ongoing
effort within the laboratory to dissect Chk1 in the
fission yeast

1. Regulation and function of Chk1 in human cells:
 From our
 studies in fission yeast, we have identified a
 number of proteins that
 either modulate Chk1 function, or are themselves
 targets of Chk1.
 Human homologs of these proteins have been
 identified, and we now aim
 to use molecular, biochemical and cell biological
 approaches to
 investigate the functional interactions between
 these and human Chk1.
 Through extensive mutagenesis of Chk1 in fission
 yeast we have
 generated a library of mutations that either
 inactivate or
 constitutively activate Chk1. Several of these have
 been shown to
 function similarly when introduced into Human Chk1,
 and will be
 important tools in these experiments.
2. Chk1 as a target for anti-cancer therapy: Studies
 in vitro implicate Chk1
 as a prime target for
 anti-cancer therapies. From a number of different
 approaches to block
 Chk1 activation, there is evidence for a synergy
 with common tumor
 mutations in promoting cell death. This project will
 further explore
 this approach, and define tumor genotypes most
 susceptible to
 anti-Chk1 based therapies. Experiments will be
 carried out both in
 culture and in primary animal tumor models.
Our lab has recentlyrelocated from Australia to Mt
 Sinai School of Medicine,
 located on
 Manhattans Upper East Side. Successful candidates
 should have relevant
 experience and will receive competitive salary
 support and housing
 Please email you CV and details for at least three
 referees, or email for further details to:
 matthew.oconnell at
> -- 
> Matthew J. O¹Connell, Ph.D.
> Mount Sinai School of Medicine
> Derald H. Ruttenberg Cancer Center
> One Gustave L. Levy Place - Box 1130
> New York, New York  10029
> matthew.oconnell at
> Express Mail/FedEx:
> 1425 Madison Ave - Room 15-70
> New York, New York  10029



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