NAS Sackler Colloquium on Regenerative

Miriam Glaser Heston MHeston at
Thu Sep 19 15:12:50 EST 2002

Dear Colleague:

I write to remind you about a National Academy of
Sciences Sackler colloquium
entitled "Regenerative Medicine," to be held Friday
through Sunday, October
18-20, 2002 at the Beckman Center in Irvine, CA. 
The Colloquium is being
 co-organized by Inder Verma and Fred Gage of The
 Salk Institute for Biological
 The preliminary program is as follows:
 Friday, October 18:  Keynote Address
 John Gurdon, Wellcome CRC Institute, University of
 Cambridge, U.K.
 Title:  Stem Cells
 Saturday, October 19
 Stem Cell Biology I: Species
 Chair:  Susan Bryant, University of California,
 Jennifer Fletcher, University of California,
 Berkeley, Maintenance of Stem Cell
 Populations in Plants
 Elaine Fuchs, University of Chicago, Skin Biogenesis
 Austin Smith, University of Edinburgh, Pluripotency
 and Lineage Specification of
 Embryonic Stem Cells
 Irving Weissmann, Stanford University School of
 Medicine, Biology of Murine Stem
 and Progenitor Cells
 Stem Cell Biology II.  Systems
 Chair: Fred Gage, The Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA
 Michael German, University of California, San
 Francisco, TBA
 Catherine M. Verfaillie, University of Minnesota
 Medical School, From Blood to
 Barbara Wold, California Institute of Technology,
 Muscle Stem Cells
 Fred H. Gage, The Salk Institute, From Stem Cells to
 Sunday, October 20
 Regeneration I. Organogenesis
 Chair:  Ken Chien, University of California, San
 Margaret Fuller, Stanford University, Regulation of
 Stem Cell Turnover in
 Fiona M. Watt, ICRF, London, Mammalian Epidermis
 Markus Grompe, Oregon Health Sciences University,
 Liver Biogenesis
 Juan Carlos Izpis> 
 úa Belmonte, The Salk Institute, TBA
 Owen Witte, University of California, Los Angeles,
 Prostate Development
 Regeneration II. Tissue Engineering
 Chair:  Shu Chien, University of California, San
 George Daley, Whitehead Institute, Therapeutic
 Models of Hematopoietic
 Engraftment from ES Cells
 Ian Wilmut, Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, Cloning
 Jose Cibelli, Advanced Cell Technology,
 Parthogenesis and Therapeutic Cloning
 Darwin J. Prockop, Allegheny University Health
 Sciences, Bone and Cartilage
 Peter Mombaerts, The Rockefeller University, Cloning
 and Embryonic Stem Cells
 Attendance at the colloquium is limited to 250
 registered participants.  Please
 share this invitation with graduate students,
 postdocs, and others.
 The registration fee of $250 covers the meeting and
 meals for both Saturday and
 Sunday as well as transportation to and from The
 Sutton Place Hotel.  In
 addition, the Colloquium will include poster
 sessions open to registrants. The
 registration fee will be waived for a limited number
 of graduate students and
 post-doctoral fellows who are exhibiting posters.
 For additional information (final program,
 registration form, and poster
 information), please visit our colloquium web site:
 I hope that you will be able to attend this
 three-day meeting.
 Miriam Glaser Heston
 Program Officer
 National Academy of Sciences



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